Boob Club Pendant Necklace


The Boob Club exists to honour women, and empower them to see their strength. Inspired by women who devote, teach, sacrifice, love, nourish, empathise, go through pain, heartache, surgery and so much more. We see your strength and we want you to know we, as a community, admire you, dearly and wholeheartedly.


Whatever your story is, you can join us. In fact, we’d love you to. Exactly how you are. We hope you enjoy being a part of the Boob Club and have the encouragement and support that we all wish to endeavour. 10% of all sales will be donated to the Australian Breast Cancer Foundation and every women’s wild ride that is life, will never be faced alone. 


A 14k Gold plated Sterling Silver chain and illustrated pendant representing women’s strength, power and unity. 

Product Details 

925 Sterling Silver 

14k Gold plated or White Gold plated 

10mm round pendant with illustration 

16 inch length chain 

White box with label 


Pink pouch 

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