Cosmic Dealer 100% Dark Chocolate


100% dark artisanal cacao blessed with Ayurvedic spices and adaptogens

100% 'chocolate' was really the only thing that helped us reduce sugar (that we were completely addicted to) in our diet

The bitterness of cacao can stop sugar cravings; research has shown that bitter foods (like real 100% cacao) shut off a receptor in our brain that makes us crave sugar.

Nutrient Dense Superfood

Our cacao is vegan, gluten-free, single origin, Grand Cru, ceremonial-grade and naturally rich in magnesium, iron, potassium and flavonoids.

It has no added sugar or sweeteners, its just nutrient-dense pure cacao with Ayurvedic spices added.

Its not cut with cheap cacao butter that dilutes the flavour and nutrients of the actual cacao mass.

Our artisan producer in Italy has their own family farm in El Salvador where we buy our beans from. We pay our farmers x3 the market price to ensure a fair wage. 

Chai & Rose: Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 2722kJ 657Kcal / Fat 52g / of which saturates 33g / Carbohydrate 28g/ of which sugars 1,1g / Fibre 11g / Protein 14g / Salt 0.01g       

Ashwagandha & Ginger: Nutritional Information per 100g: Energy 2793kJ 659Kcal / Fat 53g / of which saturates 33g / Carbohydrate 28g/ of which sugars 1,2g / Fibre 11g / Protein 14g / Salt 0.01g      

May contain traces of gluten, soy, peanuts, milk, nuts and sesame seeds. Our products are gluten and dairy free but as a precaution we state that traces could be present due to the fact that our herbal suppliers handle some of these items. 

All ingredients and dosages are generally considered safe for pregnant women, and cacao is considered a very nutritional food for pregnancies, but we advise to always consult your doctor beforehand. Cacao does contain some naturally-occurring caffeine so stick to small doses.

We pick, pack and ship within 24 hours