Mason Wylde Varuna Marble


Adored by modern trendsetters since it's inception, The Varuna represents the perfect balance between form and function. Hand crafted in marble & standing on three circular pillars, she stands at 6 cm tall and 12 cm at its widest point.

Each Mason Wylde piece is handmade and a true individual in form, no two pieces are the same. Designed to stand the test of time it is our intention to create lasting pieces that will add refinement to your space through using quality materials and artisan techniques. 


Sitting as part of the core collection she styles beautifully as a statement piece or paired with larger scale pieces from the same collection. Designed to be both practical and ornamental, she works beautifully to home your favourite jewllery pieces, as a small fruit bowl or as the styling hero atop of your new coffee table book.

We pick, pack and ship within 24 hours