Seed & Sprout Organic Pocket Tote Shopping Bag


Hate the sound of jars clinking together in your grocery bags, and fear your bananas are getting mashed on the way home?

Totally ready to go no-plastic when you shop? This canvas bag is practical beyond belief - you’ll only realise how awesome it is after you start using it.

And it's stylish in a natural, minimalist way (very unlike those cheap synthetic bags from the supermarket.)

Not to mention it being inconceivably roomy - did I just fit the entire contents of a Woolworths basket inside??

"Love this bag! It's the perfect size for a farmer's market or bulk food run. The option to hold jars in place is fantastic! It folds up quite small too, so if I know I need to shop later in the day it can fit right in my handbag." - Elisa

In case you were wondering:

  • Made from sturdy GOTS certified organic canvas
  • 6 large internal sections to keep things organised, balance weights and stop jars and veg from banging up against each other
  • Carries an average of 3 standard bag loads
  • Neutral tones, minimalist design
  • Wash in cold water and line dry; the organic cotton tends to shrink when exposed to heat 
  • Shop the bundle with the Farmers Market Shopping Bundle

May your melon never squash your loaf again!

We pick, pack and ship within 24 hours